Cinematic Science is a production company that specializes in creating inspiring science-based media content and training scientists & students in visual science communication.

Our mission is to communicate science, natural history and social issues through compelling stories and exciting professional-quality videos and campaigns to boost research impact and lead to real-world positive change

Whether you want to promote your organisation, pitch your research to a major funder, boost your impact & citation rate or share your results with the world, we are here to help.

  • UltraHD 4K Video Production
  • Aerial Cinematography
  • Innovative Social Media Campaigns
  • Professional Photography
  • Training Workshops (photography, video production, science communication)
  • Virtual Reality Storytelling

Jon Rawlinson

CEO, Filmmaker and Co-Founder

Jon is a filmmaker and producer with 15 years of experience producing TV, video and media content for clients around the world. View his website.  

Dr Ian McLeod

Marine Biologist and Co-Founder

Ian has 15 years of research experience, mostly focussed on Marine Biology and Coastal Restoration. He is an experienced communications manager and has produced videos on every continent. Check out his latest research.  

Dr Mark Ziembicki

Environmental Scientist, Photographer and Co-Founder

Mark has almost 20 years experience as an environmental scientist. His work is interdisciplinary and uses innovative communication tools to highlight global social and environmental issues. See more of his photography here.  


We are privileged to work with some of the world's best scientists and industry leaders who are passionate about using exciting and novel communication techniques to share their findings with the world. Collaborators and clients include: Discovery Channel, Red Bull, Stanford University, James Cook University, University of British Columbia, American Express and Australian Government agencies including ACIAR, CSIRO and DAF.

Dr Tessa Hempson

Marine Biologist working in marine conservation & research in East Africa as the Project Operations Manager of the Oceans Without Borders programme.

Jeremy Aiken

Filmmaker and photographer based in New York City hotshotsmedia.nyc

Laurie Hedges

Large carnivore biologist turned videographer, Laurie specialises in producing targeted content for researchers and conservation groups. For more information visit www.lauriehedges.com

Dr Matt Curnock

An award winning wildlife photographer and Co-Founder of Tethys Images. Matt’s day job is to solve natural resource management problems through social science

Dr Tom Bridge

Coral Reef Ecologist and Co-Founder of Tethys Images. Tom is also Senior Curator of Corals at the Queensland Museum and a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies

David Hepburn

Creative Director and Cinematographer at Hepburn Creative with 18 years of international video industry experience in a wide range of specialties.

Andy Ball

Andy is a marine Biologist and an award-winning underwater photographer. Andy is currently in the Maldives, using photography, video, and VR film as a tool to drive marine conservation initiatives. His recent work includes the #ProtectMaldivesSeagrass campaign.