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Farming Fish for Change in Papua New Guinea

A National Fisheries Authority of Papua New Guinea project to improve fish production for food and income security is also having significant positive social impacts. Reduction in crime, antisocial behaviour, and increases in self-esteem in individuals are just some of the social benefits of the project. The fish farming research is supported through NFA and the University of New South Wales, and funded through NFA and the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR). We shot this documentary in the highlands of Papua New Guinea in 2016 for the PNG National Fisheries Authority. In 2017, it was played on prime time on the national TV station TVWAN.

"The Farming Fish for Change video has shone a bright light on the social, economic and health impacts of the ACIAR inland aquaculture project in PNG. It’s shown how research can lead to positive lifestyle changes, restore human dignity and reduce crime and social conflict, along with achieving the primary goal of helping people meet their dietary needs. Cinematic Science has told a compelling story through the voice and hearts of those whose life has been changed for the better through fish farming research. The video has been shared countless times on social media and aired at prime time on national TV in PNG; no scientific journal could have that reach. The global response to the video has been incredible, and has made the research team, the fish farmers and the people of PNG feel even more committed to supporting the growth of the industry.” A/Prof Jes Sammut, ACIAR Project Leader, UNSW.